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Marvel’s Avengers Will Add Hawkeye As The First Post-Launch Character

Marvel’s Avengers will add more playable characters to its roster after its official launch, and they’re starting with Hawkeye. The reveal came near the end of the latest War Table live stream, which also detailed the game’s beta plans.

Marvel’s Avengers Adding Hawkeye After Launch

Speaking to Game Informer, Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Scot Amos explained how Marvel’s iconic archer factors into the story. “He was lost track of at the end of [the attack on A-Day]. There’s an entire story pack that comes with him that tells what he’s being doing for these last five years,” he said.

Crystal Dynamics has previously worked on the Tomb Raider series. That series’ protagonist, Lara Croft, was also quite proficient with a bow and arrow.

Marvel's Avengers
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Hawkeye Will Share Some Similarities With Lara Croft In Terms Of Gameplay

However, Amos described the differences between the way Lara plays and the way Hawkeye will play. “Hawkeye is a superhero, so while we have these good mechanics that we’re used to, you have to put them in a very action-forward kind of experience. The way he plays is different than Lara hunting and pecking and looking for optimal sniper ranges,” he said.

Hawkeye’s addition also signals at how Cyrstal Dynamics are handling post-game content in Marvel’s Avengers. First off, Hawkeye himself will come to the game at no additional cost. This great, because you’re seemingly already getting a full singleplayer/co-op multiplayer experience as is.

Marvel's Avengers
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Marvel’s Avengers Seems To Have A Robust Post-Game Plan

They’re structuring the game in two different sections. At launch, players will get their hands on the Reassemble campaign. This is the story of Kamala Harris reuniting the Avengers following their disbandment in the aftermath of A-Day. For this part of the game, you get to play as Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Kamala Khan, Iron Man and Thor.

After this, players can jump into the Avengers Initiative, which seems to be the game’s live service element. This where additional characters like Hawkeye factor into the equation. All-in-all, Marvel’s Avengers is starting to seem like an insane value proposition.

We don’t know when exactly Marvel’s Avengers will add Hawkeye into the mix. The game itself will launch on September 4, 2020, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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