Marvel’s Avengers: Warzones Director Explains How Free-Roam Will Work

Marvel’s Avengers revealed a bunch of information during its June War Table stream. It answered a lot of the fans’ questions but understandably raised even more questions afterwards. One of these questions was about free-roam. Players wanted to know how much control they may have in the more open levels.

Direct Of Marvel’s Avengers’ Co-Op Missions Answers Fans’ Questions

In an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the r/MarvelAvengersProject, Philip Therien, the director of the game’s co-op missions, called Warzones, gave us some more details on the subject. Outlet MP1st has compiled the most relevant questions and answers in a handy little post.

Therien had a lot to say about how free roam will work in Marvel’s Avengers game. There are apparently going to be lots of side activities for players to do beyond the main objective.


Marvel’s Avengers Gives Players A Lot Of Side Objectives To Complete

“These can be allies to rescue, bounty enemies, to defeat for loot, Hidden caches, secret AIM stockpiles of resources or you could raid AIM’s depots where they store gear! Typically those rewards are defended but you can roam around the environment without constantly fighting if you want to just admire the scenery or have fun doing traversal,” he wrote.

Players can’t just hang around and explore a Warzone forever, though. Once you complete the main objective, the mission’s over. “You can explore up until the point where the final objective is completed, at that point we return to the Quinjet where you can select another mission,” wrote Therien.


Players Can Free-Roam In Marvel’s Avengers Until The Main Objective Is Complete

These Warzone missions in Marvel’s Avengers game should be fairly lengthy, too. You can team up with up to four players to complete them. Naturally, they’d need to be meaty for them to be fun. Chances are, players will have plenty of time to around as they please.

Therien also briefly touched on how different characters will traverse throughout these sprawling maps. “They are balanced to be able to cross the same distances in generally the same time with some differences of course but for those who aren’t flying they have acrobatic moves,” he wrote.

Marvel’s Avengers comes out September 4, 2020, for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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