Marvel’s Avengers: Single Player And Co-Op Gameplay Revealed

Players looking forward to Marvel’s Avengers game got to see a whole lot of gameplay for it during their June War Table live stream. They showed off both how the singleplayer and co-op missions will work in this game.

Marvel’s Avengers Will Have Singleplayer Story Missions

Casey Lynch, Crystal Dynamics’ editorial director, walked us through how these missions will work throughout the story. “As you pick up the trail of the long-disbanded Avengers, you’ll advance the story of the singleplayer campaign, unlocking more and more hero-specific missions,” he said.

Each hero also has a fairly robust skill tree to go through. These unlock different move sets that let players customise how their characters play. All of the playable heroes in Marvel’s Avengers also have certain special moves that are unique to them.


Players Can Customise Their Heroes To Play A Certain Way In Marvel’s Avengers

“Heroes have three special heroic moves. Assault, Ultimate and Support,” said Lynch. These heroic moves get charged up once the players string together a bunch of normal attacks. Then, depending on the situation, you can use whichever one would work best.

They also spoke about how gear and perks affect the heroes’ abilities. “It means your Thor will play differently than my Thor. And my Hulk will play different than yours,” said Lynch. This character customisation is where the game’s co-op/multiplayer missions come into the picture.

‘War Zones’ Marvel’s Avengers’ Co-Op Missions

Marvel’s Avengers’ co-op missions will be called ‘War Zones’. “War Zones are missions which you can play with up to four players or solo with an AI companion team made up of your unlocked and levelled heroes,” explained Lynch.

War Zones missions will also move the story forward. Many games have tried to marry the singleplayer and multiplayer experience in a single game. They haven’t exactly been successful, though. Hopefully, Marvel’s Avengers can buck the trend and pull it off properly.

Marvel’s Avengers comes out on September 4, 2020, on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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