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Why Mario’s Butt Is So Controversial (How Much Does It Matter?)

mario's butt

mario's butt

The Small Size Of Mario’s Butt In The Super Mario Bros. Movie Has Created A New Controversy. But Does It Matter For The Animated Film?

The Animated Film’s First Look The Super Mario Bros. Movie has sparked some debate about Mario’s missing buttocks. Only the second time in history, Nintendo’s Iconic Plumber is set to star in a film, but unlike the previous attempt, Mario will be animated this time.

The use of 3D animation in the film allows Illumination to perfectly capture Mario’s unique physique that he’s carried with him for more than 40 years. However, the first Super Mario Bros. movie poster sparked a surprising controversy due to a clear view of Mario’s backside.

The latest controversy for the Super Mario Bros. movie comes after fans noticed that Mario’s ass is missing. Because of Mario’s iconic status as a video game character and pop culture symbol, there is a lot of pressure on the animated film to do him justice – and to make up for the mistakes of Mario’s live-action film.

Even as fans wait for the reveal of Chris Pratt’s Mario voice, a glimpse of the plumber’s buttocks sparked an unexpected controversy. Some of the comments are made in jest, but it is yet another example of the Super Mario Bros.

Movie’s contentious status making it a target for memes and jokes as people online remain extremely skeptical of the film. The amount of Debate Over Mario’s Missing Butt In The Super Mario Bros. Movie Demonstrates This Point.

How Much Does Mario’s Butt Actually Matter?

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