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Man Sexually Abused Baby In Oklahoma, Taped It Made The Video Viral

The police department and the US Marshals are in search of a boy named  Brice Gage Watkins from Oklahoma who sexually assaulted a six months old baby and got it on tape and made it go viral.

The Viral Video

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Watkins (22 years old) filmed himself sexually assaulting a six-month-old child and posted it on social media, which made the police department ask for help from the public since he went into hiding.

And back in August, the police thought that they captured him but turns out he was a wrong man.

Therefore the police started the search again and this time with the help of US Marshals to let the world know that they are serious.

The police believe that Brice is still in Oklahoma and has connections to the towns of Norman and Enid. And he is facing charges for circulation of child pornography.

Still Not Captured

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Watkins is still on the run and not been found yet.

This sick behaviour of young people makes one worry about the future of young children. Police are requesting civilians to give out any kind of information they have on Watkins.

And if you do have any information, do contact this number given below:

call (405) 235-7300.


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