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Maharashtra Halts MOUs With China After Border Clash

Citing the Galwan valley issue, Maharashtra has decided to halt three china affiliated projects. The clash between soldiers of both the countries that left 20 Indian soldiers martyred, has affected how India views its diplomatic relations with China.

MOUs To Strengthen The Ties

Reports say the projects promised investment amounting to 5,000 crore rupees, finalised right before the clash. The agreement took place in an event called ‘Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0’. Launched in 2018 for the first time, Magnetic Maharastra promises huge investments in the state of Maharashtra by companies around the world.

The two sides signed the MOU via video conferencing held recently. While the Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong, India signed about three MOUs citing to strengthen investments in the state. Maharashtra signed other eight MOU’s with countries like South Korea, the US and Singapore.

Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0
Magnetic Maharashtra 2.0

About The Three MOUs

The three MOUs with China include a project with Hengli engineering worth Rs 250 crore, one with Great Wall Motors worth Rs 3,770 crore. And a project with PMI electro mobility worth Rs 1,000 crore also joined the list.

Centre Gives Assent

The decision was in consultation with the centre, says Uddhav Thackeray, Chief Minister, Maharashtra. The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi called a meeting of all parties. During the meeting, CM of Maharashtra said that India is quite strong. Also, times like these call for necessary diplomatic steps. Moreover, Mr Subhash Desai, Minister of Industry, Maharashtra said in a statement that Ministry of External Affairs has asked all the state governments to halt any agreements with China.

In the same meeting, Mr Nitish Kumar suggested that previous agreements with China also hold importance. Advising not to use China-made products will help in reviving India’s position as self-sustained. After Maharashtra’s move, many states will initiate halting agreements with China. According to many, the strong sentiment against China is likely to incite every aspect of the economy to move towards cutting ties with it.

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