Lucifer: Season 6
Lucifer: Season 6

Lucifer: Season 6- When Might It Air? Expected Plot, Character Guide And More!


Lucifer is a crime-drama fantasy. It was released on January 25, 2016. The series is created by Tom Kapinos.

Well, Fox canceled the show after season 3. Fans were really shocked. As they were waiting for the next season. But Thanks to Netflix for again taking up. From the very first episode, the show has been very interesting. It was loved by fans as well as critics. It was in 10 big nominations. When Netflix decided to continue it, the show became much more amazing.

The cast, crew, writers, makers who are associated with the series made it great! Then, support from the fans encouraged it more. Till now, 5 Seasons are out. Earned great love and appreciation from the fans. And, now fans are eagerly waiting for Season 6. So, we are here with good news for fans!


Well, its a story of Lucifer Morningstar. He lived in hell, as a dutiful servant. Then, from a change from his regular life, he moved to earth. He settles in Los Angeles- the city of angels. So that he can better understand humanity.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Status Confirmed by Netflix ahead of ...

Lucifer Season 6

Earlier, there was news that Season 5 is going to be the ultimate season of Lucifer. This will be the last one! But, now, rumors are there that Season 6 will be out on Netflix. Well, there is news of Netflix being in talks with Warner Bros. TV for Season 6. There is also news that its production will start this year!


talking about the cast, the lead characters will be the same. According to sources, the makers are in talks with the cast for Season 6. But, nothing has been officially announced yet.

Moreover, about the plot nothing is decided yet. It will be a continuous story from Season 5. So, right now nothing is revealed. And, we cannot make the speculation about the plot right now. e can predict anything just after we watch season 5. Also, season 5 will be out in May, 2020. After that the season 6 production will start.

And we have GREAT news! On Monday, Netflix announced that Lucifer Season 5 Part 1 will be released on Aug. 21!!

The streaming service made the announcement alongside a 66.6 video of some of the show’s steamiest moments.

Lucifer army, where you at?!

Just when I thought the world’s ending and I have no purpose left whatsoever to go on with my life, Netflix came as an angel to reward me for being a decent human all 22 years of my life! *dramatic music plays*

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