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‘Love After Lockup’ Couples Still Together? Complete Information

‘Love After Lockup’ Couples Still Together

The premise of Love After Lockup makes it difficult for relationships to survive a prison stint. But for those couples lucky enough, maintaining the relationship has been rewarding in some way.

The couples on the show are made up of one person outside who fell for a prisoner while that party was in custody. When that felon leaves they try to find love, having never really dated or gotten married before! before when the other person was in jail.

Destined to become a popular show with it’s WE TV debut on January 12, 2018, Love After Lockup has been running for three seasons. The fourth season is expected in the end of 2021 and the spinoff Life After Lockup gives updates of couples from previous seasons.

It’s not been easy for most couples to adjust to life after lockup. Usually, people believe that the person on the outside will marry them right away after years of dating via being pen pals and only occasional visits.

But for prisoners, the real world poses a lot of different challenges than choosing a wedding venue. Some have to move into halfway houses, while others remain on restrictive paroles. They all have to go about trying to find employment which can be quite difficult with a prison record!

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The participants of the show often find out that their beau on the outside simply used them to gather money and resources from gullible female fans. This is especially prevalent with men who were able to receive letters (and potentially gifts) from a variety of women. This has made for some very intense situations where the women come face to face.

But there are seven couples from the three seasons of the show who found love, got married, and in several cases started families of their own.

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