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Louisiana Police Shot And Killed The Black Man With “Knife”!! Indeed Brutal … What Was His Fault Know Here!

Police Shot The Black Man!

 Louisiana police fatally shot a black man who allegedly had a knife. This all happened after the man ignored orders to stop. Moreover,  he walked away from them towards the entrance of a gas station convenience store.

More shocking came when a Bystander video captured the shooting. This all took place as it unfolded around 8 pm on Friday in Lafayette, at a Shell gas station at the intersection of Northeast Evangeline Thruway and Chalmette Drive.

The Video!

The video that was found shows witnesses shouting ‘he’s got a knife’ and ‘they’re going to shoot him’. Moreover, it all became so trembling towards the end where the man marches swiftly away from cops and toward the entrance of the Shell station. ‘Get on the ground!’ one witness is heard.

Source: Dailymail

One witness,  Rickasha Montgomery, the witness who filmed the video, said that police tasered the man to no effect.

The Words Of Police

Furthermore, when it comes to taking a statement from police, they say the incident unfolded after Layfayette Police Department officers responded to a 911 call. More specifically, the call was about a disturbance at a Circle K gas station on the Northeast Evangeline Thruway.

Officers also say they pursued the man on foot for about half a mile before the shooting. Witnesses reported that police attempted to use a Taser to subdue the man, but that he seemingly was not affected.

Source: Dailymail

As soon as the man came within feet of the door-occupied convenience mart, police opened fire, shooting 11 times.

After opening fire, police were seen motioning to people inside the station’s convenience mart, appearing to wave them back from the windows of the store as the dangerous situation unfolded.

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This whole incident really moved everyone who watched these horrific incidents that added chills to the spine



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