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Locke And Key Season 2 Ending Explained

Locke And Key Season 2

Locke & Key, Netflix’s fantasy-horror series, returned for its second season this month and managed to take a significant step forward in plot and general quality. 

Season 2 had a lot to enjoy, but with a Season 3 already greenlit at the streaming giant and shooting beginning almost simultaneously, things came to a fairly odd conclusion during the show’s sophomore finale.

After dealing with the murderous Dodge and bringing their troubled Uncle Duncan into the fold – with mother Nina likely to join – Season 2 went about tying up all the series’ loose ends, leaving the viewer wondering what would happen next for the Locke brothers of Keyhouse.

Until the conclusion!


Tyler Locke, distraught by the loss of his fiancée after the Alpha Key fails to rescue her, determines that Gabe/Dodge must be slain. 

It’s a smart choice since Gabe intends to send his demons over to Keyhouse to murder Nina Locke (and any other Lockes they can get their hands on), except Kinsey, with whom the Gabe version of Dodge has developed an obsession. Gabe wishes for her to join his ranks freely.

The Locke siblings and Uncle Duncan are not willing to sit back and wait to be assaulted again, so they attack Gabe’s cliff-edge villa, where Kinsey pretends to jump over the cliff using the Angel Key as a diversion while Duncan, Tyler, and Scot attempt to break into the vault and steal the Demon Key. 

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Unfortunately, Gabe/Dodge and the horde are much too strong, but Duncan has an unexpected advantage: his blood is connected to the Demon Key, allowing him to command the hoard.

The horde turns and assaults Dodge on Duncan’s command, seizing the Demon Key. 

Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Dodge to rescue Kinsey, ostensibly killing her and resurrecting the still-teenaged Lucas. The latter returns all of Dodge’s gathered keys to Kinsey and explains that he did not influence Dodge’s actions.

Meanwhile, Ellie returns home disoriented after her liberation, but she still looks like Dodge and is hunting for Rufus, who has long since vanished. 

She travels to Keyhouse alone and convinces Bode that she is truly Ellie and not Dodge. Later, Duncan, Lucas, and the Locke siblings return home and use the Identity Key to restore Ellie to her actual appearance, allowing her and Lucas to reconcile properly after decades apart. Ellie is subsequently reconciled with Rufus as well.

Is Dodge Truly Dead?

It certainly seems to be! With the Echo demon torn from Lucas’ body, it seems that it would either dissolve or quickly transform into Whispering Iron. 

Still, it’s difficult to guess how much the demon survived with Gabe’s villa crashing into the sea. Something tells us that the wicked Dodge is not defeated, but with a new foe poised to threaten the Lockes in Season 3, maybe that chapter has concluded.


With most of their major issues settled, the Lockes begin to look forward as summer vacation approaches. 

Tyler chooses to travel over winter break and deletes the wonderful film he shot with his deceased fiancée, knowing that his 18th birthday is approaching and he would quickly forget about Keyhouse’s enchantment.

In his sadness, Tyler seems to have decided that he does not want to recall the atrocities he has endured as he leaves his keys with Kinsey. Bode and Kinsey aren’t persuaded, and Tyler may do a U-turn early in Season 3 when danger comes knocking.

Nina, Kinsey, and Bode

While Kinsey and Scot prepare to say each other goodbye, Bode uses the Head Key on Nina for the time being. The latter is lost and fails to connect with her children due to her ongoing grief over her husband and her inability to remember the keys’ power. 

The two enter Nina’s head, and she searches through her prior memories of Rendell, including the day she informed him of her pregnancy with Bode.

After she and Bode have completed the Head Key, Nina expresses her desire not to forget it, and Bode presents the Memory Key, assuring her that he would not let her forget. Nina seems to keep up with the mayhem at Keyhouse in Season 3. Finally!

The Big Villain of Season 3

The award-winning Locke & Key comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodrguez based on this series largely established our Season 3 antagonist before Season 2.

At one point, the novels touched on the hardship of a troop of rebel soldiers during the War of Independence in 1775 who stumbled upon the Black Door, which is now known to be a deadly conduit to a demon realm that is opened by the Omega Key in the television series. 

When demons attempting to flee this realm fail to identify a target, they convert into Whispering Iron in our world. When a Locke family ancestor found this in the comics, he was granted a vision of the iron’s myriad possibilities when fashioned into different keys.

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On the other hand, the Netflix series provides a somewhat different version of the story, introducing our Season 3 Big Bad, Captain Frederick Gideon (Kevin Durand of The Strain and Swamp Thing).

Locke & Key transported us back to Keyhouse, Massachusetts, in 1775 in episode 8, ‘Irons in the Fire,’ much like the comics did. We met Locke’s family ancestors who manufactured and stockpiled weapons with local Minutemen against the British during the Revolutionary War. 

After being rumbled by a group of Redcoats commanded by Durand’s Gideon, a horrific struggle occurred, culminating in the assassination of patriarch Peter Locke by the cunning Gideon.

The Redcoats were pursued to the sea cave, where they attempted to hide from Peter’s formerly timid son Benjamin Locke and the Minutemen. Gideon and the Redcoats unlocked the doorway deep inside the cave, which the Black Door did not block at the time. 

Gideon was mesmerized when one of his men was struck and possessed by a demon, and he voluntarily submitted to his possession in front of Benjamin.

Gideon was hanged by the townspeople while in his demonic form, but he told them that more demons would follow and tear the earth apart. 

Meanwhile, Benjamin fashioned the Black Door and Omega Key from Whispering Iron to turn evil against itself and learned that he would need to use his blood to generate the alchemy necessary to complete the enchantment. He then utilized Whispering Iron to develop more keys we are acquainted with within modern times.

After learning much of this history from Nina’s teacher boyfriend, Josh Bennett, and failing to convince him to assist her, the demonic Eden (now without a master in Dodge) infiltrates the Wellhouse and conjures a new Echo in Gideon. The latter appears to be possessed by a demon from her past in the dimension behind the Black Door. 

Eden desires that he unlock the door and therefore agrees to liberate him, but he betrays her and tosses her down the well. He then uses the Anywhere Key to escape into the world.

The Lockes now have to contend with a new, cruel Echo, and Gideon will undoubtedly give them all the misery they thought they’d left behind when Season 3 premieres.

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