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Lin-Manuel Miranda Confesses To Basically Breaking The Law On The Kelly Clarkson Show

Hamilton star Lin-Manuel Miranda confessed to something on The Kelly Clarkson Show that basically amounts to piracy. Miranda, as well as the rest of the original Hamilton cast, were on the show to promote Hamilton’s streaming release on Disney+.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Confessed To Piracting Les Miserables On The Kelly Clarkson Show

In the middle of the interview, Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington in the musical, asked Lin-Manuel Miranda that caught him off guard. “Lin have you told everybody about your Les Mis speaker in your dressing room?”, he asked.

Miranda seemed to hesitate for a second before spilling all his secrets, though. “I guess the statute of limitations have passed,” he joked first. “I broke the law from 2015 to 2016. We were neighbors with a production of Les Miserables I guess we can tell the story now and the sound guys over there knew I was a big fan,” he said.


Kelly Clarkson’s First-Ever Live Musical Was Les Miserables

“They wired a speaker outside the building and around into my dressing room so I would hear the end of act one of Les Mis at my intermission because there show is just that much longer than ours,” he added. That is basically piracy. However, I don’t think anyone is going to try to get him in trouble over it.

Kelly Clarkson herself seemed quite understanding of him, though. She herself confessed that she’s a huge fan of Les Miserables. “That was my first musical!”, she exclaimed. Clarkson said she got to see it on scholarship with her choir group.

Hamilton Is Streaming On Disney+ Earlier Than Planned

A recorded version of the live Hamilton show is currently streaming on Disney+. They were originally going to premier it all the way on October 25, 2021. This was because they were still playing Hamilton in live shows. However, with all the theatres closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, that’s not happening again anytime soon.

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