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Lili Reinhart: Lili Reinhart explains that her “bisexuality” is not just a phase! Chemical Hearts releasing tomorrow!!!

Riverdale star, Lili Reinhart,23 who played Betty Cooper, a fierce and a bold character in ‘Riverdale’, recently had revealed about her sexuality. She was working for the cause of LGBTQ in order for people to speak openly about it with pride.Lili Reinhart opens up about ger bisexuality

To add cherry on the cake,Actress Lili Reinhart has recently come up with something creative. She introduced Disney’s first bisexual lead character in the animated series ‘The Owl House.’ She expressed about it that “too often people have told me it’s a phase”.

Lili Reinhart, who came out as bisexual in June, feels glad to play the character of Luz Noceda in ‘The Owl House.’

When Lili was interviewed she expressed “as I’ve been met with comments of ‘you’ll grow out of it’ but I know that’s not true”.

“I think it’s important to make it more normal, as I feel in cinema and TV, the characters are usually gay or straight, there’s not a lot of bisexual characters – but it should be normalised,” she adds.

“There are a lot of bisexual people, including me.” Lili felt that people are going to invalidate what she was saying by telling her that she was going  through a phase.

Lili Reinhart’s new movie Chemical Hearts:

Lili Reinharts Chemical Hearts releasing tomorrow
source: Instagram

Reinhart is playing Grace in the new Amazon film ‘Chemical Hearts.’ The character is a ratger detached teenage girl, who wears hermaphrodite clothing and walks with a cane. Her androgynous clothing again, is symbolic of Lili’s sexuality. The movie is releasing tomorrow, on Netflix. Do Watch!!!

Lili Reinhart playing aloof teen in Chemical Hearts
source: Instagram

It’s based on the best-selling young adult novel, ‘Our Chemical Hearts’ by Krystal Sutherland. Reinhart, who is also one of the producer believes that “it’s not just another teen romance”.

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Riverdale: A matter of perspectives

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper in Riverdale
source: Instagram

After finding fame through ‘Riverdale’, Reinhart went on to star in 2019’s critically acclaimed all-female drama, Hustlers. She is trying not to play a lot of teenage characters these days. She reads the script for this movie first, before deciding on it.

“I want to play something creatively different from Riverdale, so I was a little bit nervous of another teen character. But when this came along, I thought those characters could be in any setting, not just high school.”

She strongly believes, it is important to understand teenage heartbreak from a male perspective. Normally it is from a girl’s point of view, and the guy is ignored. Lili asks the audience to give a guy’s feelings equal weightage. Change stereotypes!

Lilis androgynous clothing represents her bisexuality
source: Instagram

“But this is written from the guy’s viewpoint, he’s trying to get her attention and struggling to get to know her. It’s something a lot of people don’t explore in the young adult space,” Lili expressed.

The way she explains the character, we know she really feels it and tries to be a part of it.
Lili is quite focused on evolving into a beautiful and fierce lady.

Lili Reinhart dealing with her depression and anxiety:

Lili Reinhart takes herself out for some healing
source: Instagram

After the pandemic dawned, Lili’s been dealing with depression and anxiety. Later on she went to heal herself through meditation and weekly therepy.

She doesn’t want to look back and feel what she has lost or what went wrong but just focus on the present. Whatever hardships she has faced, Lili expressed to relate to the character when it came to anxieties and feeling discouraged “In this film, you see a lot of anxiety.

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Aftermath of the pandemic
source: Instagram

With Henry’s character especially, a lot of times in your life when you’re in love with someone, you get an idea of who you want them to be and you’re holding out for them to change.”

She urged the LGBTQ community to help and support the teenagers around them. She wants them to know that life is beautiful and they have so many options. They should be treated alike the test of the crowd and enjoy each moment.

“Times are changing, and at school, there was one gay kid who was out and comfortable with it, but some people were hiding their sexuality because they were afraid to come out.”

Lili fans are really proud of you. Also Chemical Hearts is released on Amazon Prime Video on 21 August.

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