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“Life On Venus” Is It A Possibility Now??What Does The New Discovery And Research Say?

A piece of great yet exciting news has popped up throughout the world. Moreover, to raise the excitement about the breaking news, it is a fantastic discovery in the field of Science. On Monday, a study published in the journal Nature’s Astronomy raised the heat.

It is exciting news to share that a group of scientists have claimed something unique. The shreds of evidence of life on our neighbour planet, Venus. The presence of a rare molecule that is associated with the existence of life has been discovered there on Venus.

Source: Indianexpress

Excitingly this molecule is believed to be present in the atmosphere of Venus. This discovery published in the leading journal has revealed that this molecule is none other than “Phosphine”. ¬†Phosphine is a chemical molecule that comprises hydrogen and phosphorus.

To have its association with life, let us tell you that here on Earth, this phosphine is prepared by some bacteria and through industrial activities. Scientists quote such kind of molecules that are potential of signifying the life-supporting pieces of evidence on other planets as “Biosignatures”.

Source: nationalgeographic

The researchers who have presented this discovery before the world has said that they found clouds filled with Phosphine in the Venusian atmosphere. Researchers themselves have admitted that there has not been an exhaustive study to quote their claim.

But they said that clouds of Phosphine are indeed found there. Yet to give a source for the emergence of such a massive amount of this molecule requires further studies.

Apart from the whole discussion, this discovery could be a possible milestone for looking towards life on Venus, along with the hunt for the same on Mars

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