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LG Wing 5G/ Image Credits: GSMArena
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LG Wing 5G: The Swiveling Wonder From LG With Snapdragon 765G And 6.8″ Display

LG is one of the mass Smartphone manufacturers in the world. The company not only makes smartphones but also makes many Electronic gadgets. The company provides a wide range of choices to consumers so that they can afford a new phone based on their spec requirements. Everyone knows about LG Velvet as it is one of the most successful smartphones from LG. The device has done very well in the markets due to its decent price tag for premium features and now everyone is excited about the LG Wing 5G.

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Info about LG Wing’s Swiveling Mechanism

The most anticipated LG Wing is now official. Before talking about the device let us take a moment to appreciate how innovative the device is. The device features a dual lock mechanism and a hydraulic damper which helps in swiveling the display.  As per the company claims, the LG Wing can last for 200,000 swivels.

LG went a bit ahead and added a new feature to make this mechanism worthy. The device supports Gimbal mode where users can make use of the swivel mechanism and to make this feature perfect, the company has added 6 motion sensors. Another biggest advantage of this mechanism is the support for Gaming, Multitasking, and Media Playback which creates an awesome experience for the user. Though the device has a large mechanism inside, LG managed to keep the weight of the device at 260 grams.

Specifications of LG Wing 5G

The device comes with a 6.8″ P-OLED display and comes with the standard 60Hz refresh rate. In addition to this, the device supports FHD+ resolution with a 20.5:9 Aspect ratio. Meanwhile, the secondary display is a 3.9″ G-OLED display and just like the main display, it supports HD+ resolution and comes with an aspect ratio of 1.15:1.

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When it comes to the chipset, the device is powered by the latest mid-range yet powerful chipset from Snapdragon. It comes the Snapdragon 765G together with Adreno 620GPU, so there is no issue with the performance. The device is available with 8GB of RAM and is available in two memory variants featuring 128GB and 256GB.

When it comes to the camera setup, the device comes with four camera units with three on the rear and one for the front-facing camera. Talking about the rear camera units in detail, the device comes with a 64MP camera unit as the main shooter and the rest are 13MP and 12MP camera units. The selfie camera is a 32MP camera unit and it is in the Mechanical Pop-Up Camera mechanism of the device.

LG Wing 5G
LG Wing 5G

The device runs on the 4000mAh battery which supports fast charging. Wing doesn’t have any IP rating but the device is Splashproof. For Biometric Authentication, the device uses an in-display optical fingerprint sensor. The device is available in two color variants featuring Aurora Gray and Illusion Sky. The price tags of the device are not revealed yet, but as per the claims, the device base price might be around $1600.

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