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Leilani Simon Has Been Arrested For Her Son Quinton Simon’s Death

leilani simon

leilani simon

A family friend is talking about the dramatic last hours of Leilani Simon‘s life before she was arrested for killing her toddler son in Georgia. This includes her “last free meal” with her own mother.

Simon, who is 22 years old, was arrested on Monday after police said the remains of her 20-month-old son, Quinton, were found in a trash dump on Friday.

When Simon’s mother, Billie Howell, called WTOC on Tuesday, she was too upset to talk about the case, so she gave the phone to a family friend. The unnamed friend told the outlet that Simon went to rehab herself in the weeks before she was arrested.

Howell had to make one of the hardest decisions of her life when she heard that Simon was leaving the facility. She had to call the FBI and tell them that Simon was signing herself out and would be a flight risk.

Howell picked up Simon from the treatment center herself because the FBI asked her to. “They asked her to buy them some time. So, she went to another center to get Leilani’s things, and then she took Leilani to her last free meal,” the friend said.

The two of them then went to the FBI office in Savannah. A few hours later, Simon was arrested there.

Simon’s arrest was the latest step in the long investigation that started when she told her family on Oct. 5 that Quinton was missing from their home. A few days later, the police confirmed that they thought the toddler was dead and that Simon, who has two other young children, was the main suspect.

As of Tuesday, she was charged with murder, hiding the death of another person, filing a false crime report, and making false statements.

A family friend said, “We want justice for this precious baby, no matter what or who it is.” “At the end of the day, both the protesters and the family wanted the same thing.”

Diana McCarta, who has been taking care of Quinton for a long time, was upset about Simon’s arrest. McCarta was supposed to watch the toddler the day he went missing, but Simon sent her a text message early in the morning telling her not to come.

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