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Source: Daily Mail
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LeBron James: The NBA Player Gets A Gratitude Filled Note From Colin Kaepernick For Standing Against Racism.

LeBron James is standing against racism. As he led his co-players to go on a strike over the merciless shooting of Jacob Blake. Thus he has received a note from Colin Kaepernick.

LeBron James Receives Heartfelt Note From Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick who is a social activist as well as a footballer has sent a heartfelt note to LeBraon James. And the reason for that is LeBron is taking a stand for Jacob Blake who was shot mercilessly by the Kenosha police which is termed as an act of racial discrimination.

LeBron James
Source: Daily Mail

Therefore to extend his support to the anti-racism movement LeBron and his fellow NBA players have gone for a strike to show their support for Jacob Blake. And this act of James has overwhelmed Kaepernick. Thus he decided to write the note for LeBron.

In the note he appreciated on how LeBron knelt when the national anthem was played and postponed the playoff games. Kaepernick also thanked him for continuing his movement that he had started in 2016.

LeBron James
Source: Daily Mail

LeBron shared this note on social media. And also replied Kaepernick and it read:

”Standing/kneeling right next to you brother! Appreciate you.”

But not only Kaepernick but LeBron is being appreciated by everyone who is against racism and social injustice. And by going on a strike in solidarity for Jacob Blake was indeed a noble act by LeBron.

Thus he deserves this appreciation.

Protests Against Racism

Racial discrimination has been existing in the United States since time immemorial. People are mistreated on the basis of their skin color.  Although people raised their voices against this, but it never became that impactful.

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But this time it is a bit different. After the merciless killing of George Floyd under police custody, it resulted in the initiation of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. And it spread across many nations.

Thus many people including Hollywood starts and Sports persons are supporting this movement against racism. And this time LeBron James and his fellow players have also shown their support for the movement by going on a strike that lead to the postponement of the NBA playoff.

Therefore it is an example of how this struggle against racism is becoming more and more influential as it is getting support from people all across the world.

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