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Lebron James Is Accused Of Promoting Racism By Sports Columnist Jason Whitlock

Lebron James, the famous basketball star actively voiced out against the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin and has been accused of promoting racism by Jason Whitlock.

Lebron On The Shooting

Lebron James
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After the Monday night’s game, Lebron said,

“I know people get tired of hearing me say it, but we are scared as black people in America, Black men, black women, black kids, we are terrified.”


Jason Whitlock
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As an against statement Whitlock in his article “Whitlock: Lebron James Is A Bigot.” wrote,

“I’m black. I’m not scared. I’m not terrified. Neither is LeBron James. He’s lying,”

He further noted that if an American citizen listened and followed every rule correctly, there is no way that a police officer will harm them.

Jacob Blake has been shot in the back many times by the police force, and Lebron thinks that’s an extreme measure. He said,

“If you’re sitting here and telling me that there was no way to that gentleman or detain him or just before the firing of guns, then you’re sitting here lying to not only me, but you’re lying to every African American, every black person in the community,”

For this Whitlock replied that the police tried using tasers but can’t control him and also accused Lebron of promoting racism.

He pointed out that Lebron has more than 40 million followers on Instagram and yet didn’t stop once to think about the consequences and riot it may cause if he posts something without completely knowing the facts.

He also called him a Bigot,

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Bigots, regardless of colour, have a common trait. Ignorance. Ignorance fuels their ego. Information is their enemy. They avoid it at all costs. Negative anecdotes frame their worldview.”

Lebron is yet to answer against or regarding this accusation.


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