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US Police Arrested Food Truck Workers,The Reason Is Not That What You Are Assuming!!

Kenoosha protestors

The Riot Kitchen bus is never assumed to be in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The people of the  Seattle-based food nonprofit were driving all over the cross country to footslog at Wahington, DC. When an official in Kenosha shot Jacob Blake on August 23.

The group of people digression to support the increasing protest against the police and their Brutality there. But they really did not get any chances to help.

The same official’s Department whose Officer who shot Blake seven times in the back arrested eight activists with US marshal’s assistance and confiscated three vehicles on August 26, just after Riot Kitchen Arrived in the city.

Police Arrested Food Truck Workers: The Footage

The part of the Custody traped on the footage. Which seemed to show Kenosha police officer and at the minimum one of US marshal identifying members of the Riot Kitchen arrival at Wisconsin.

Part of the footage caught on camera which shows the US marshal identifying members of Riot Kitchen near the transformed school bus.

When police officials with weapons drawn arrested the leader with the non-profit organisation, adding its main soar protest by availing free food demonstrator.

Two of them were released on Thursday.  At the same time rest were on custody till Friday which was close to 48 hours after their arrest. After there release, they also struggle for a few more hours to claim for there personal belongings.

Heitzer said that Riot Kitchen crew people are not only one who experienced this.

“We know of activists from southeast Wisconsin area who were picked up and held more than 24 hours, which is unusual. Heitzer said, “The number of people admitted to the Kenosha Country jail does not appear to justify their delays.”

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Kenoosha protestors






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