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4d, s, xl9, l, zd8, 2a, pur, b99, "Latinos For Trump" & "Proud Boys" Connection???? What's The Story Exactly Behind This? Is Donald Trump Really a White Supremacist?? - The Tech Education
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“Latinos For Trump” & “Proud Boys” Connection???? What’s The Story Exactly Behind This? Is Donald Trump Really a White Supremacist??

So US elections are never alone, which means controversy is a friend of these elections. And especially when a candidate like Donald Trump is in the field. The latest hot debate between US presidential election candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden has sparked off a lot of controversies.

The first and the hottest controversy that born out of the debate was when Joe Biden asked Donald Trump to “Shut up”. Because Trump was not letting Biden complete his statement. Recently, one more controversy associated with this debate has arisen too. It is regarding the question of “White Supremacy”. The moderator asked Mr President Donald Trump to comment about the White Supremacist.

Donald Trump
Source: Financial Times

There is a group whose name popped up in between the debate. It is the “Proud Boys”. And now, a report has broken out that the leader of Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio is associated with Donald Trump’s campaign. He is alleged to be the State Director of a support group called “Latinos For Trump”.

Trump’s confidant Roger Stone is found as a member of the Proud Boys. Tarrio has been pictured together with Donald Trump’s son Donald Jr. In fact, Tarrio once shared a picture of him with Donald Jr.

Source: Google

However, the spokesman related to Trump has denied the allegations that Tarrio is associated with Trump’s campaign. In fact, he completely erased the claims and told that the person has no affiliations with “Latinos for Trump Coalition” and even Trump family.

The spokesman also told that he is not at all the State Director of any such group. Further, said that the media is wrongly claiming.

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