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Larry King: Lost Two Of His Five Children In A Period Of Three Weeks!

Larry King, the great American television personality, recently suffered a significant loss. His two children have died within the last three weeks.

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His son Andy, who was 65 years old passed away two weeks ago. However, his other daughter passed away. Chaia, who was only 51 years old, passed away as well.

According to one source, “Larry and his three remaining children are distraught, and Larryโ€™s still recovering from his health issues from last year.”

Cause Of Death

As per the reports, Chaia had been suffering from lungs cancer, which resulted in her demise.

Andy’s death was too unpredictable and uncertain. However, the Emmy awardee is entirely in grief. However Larry did to live shows, according to a source this Larry is a way of processing.

Source Instagram

The 86 year old actor has three sons. Annette Kaye and his has Larry King Jr. Cannon and Chance ask from him another ex-wife Shawn King.

Larry has tied the knot with eight people. His ex wife, Alene Akins, passed away in 2017. Andy and Chaia were the children of late Alene Akins.

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