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Landlord Killed The Couple For Not Being Able To Pay The Rent! What’s Your Views On This?

A landlord has allegedly killed a couple when they couldn’t make rent. Jessica Lewis and Austin “Cash” Wenner were found dead in a suitcase. A group of TikTokers found them on a Randonautica adventure.

Source The People

The landlord, Michael Lee Dudley, 62 got attested by police on Wednesday night. However, he was charged with two murder counts.

The brutal man shot and dismembered the adorable couple. However, he throws them with garbage inside two suitcases. Lewis was only 35 and Wenner 27.

Source Facebook

One of the two suitcases was found on Alki Beach in Seattle. A group of teams discovered the bag and reported via Randonautica app. Additional, they claimed that their adventure went wrong for TikTok.

The couple could not pay $1500 monthly as rent. Therefore according to law and crime, the landlord argued with the couple. however, the homeowner wanted the couple to move out.

Cause Of Murder/ Death

However, according to the charged documents, the reason behind the death is still unknown. Moreover, the proofs state that the defendant was too offended by the victims as the couple did not pay any rent to him.

The land Pune also alleged the couple for being involved in some criminal activities.

Source Facebook

The whole incident cannot be done by a single person, especially the dismembering of the two bodies. The process involves massive participation or else huge time involvement.

Source Facebook

However, the Tiktok video was removed on the 22nd of August. This was done only because of the camping by both the families of the victims.

The landowner is charged with sexual abuse incest and brutality towards the human. Moreover, it is charged with $5 million bails as well. Other decisions would be taken on September 8.

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