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Lana Rhoades Kid Meme: Kid Memes Of Nasty Lana Rhoades Continue As Father Remains A Mystery!

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme

Lana Rhoades Kid Meme: Lana Rhoades, who used to be in adult movies, had a baby in January 2022. Since she announced she was pregnant, mean memes have been made about the baby. The 25-year-old woman said she was going to have a baby in 2021 and posted a picture of the sonogram on Instagram. She never said who the baby’s father is, though.

She then told everyone in her Story that she had given birth in January by posting a picture of herself with the baby. Lana, who is now a YouTuber, also said that his name is Milo and that being a mom is the best thing in the world.

Since then, she hasn’t said anything else about the baby, but Milo is still a popular internet meme. This is why…


All of the baby Milo memes are about the fact that Lana has never said who Milo’s dad is. When the 25-year-old posted about her pregnancy, she had just broken up with influencer Mike Majlak, whom she had been with for about a year.

But he said on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast that he is not the father. He said, “About a few months ago, I and the absolutely stunning, sweet, beautiful, great, and pregnant Lana broke up.”

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“I started seeing other people around that time. She also started to think about a certain person. We stayed friends, and we kept talking. Because of her interactions with this new person, she now has a baby.

She also said on her podcast 3 GIRLS 1 KITCHEN in June 2021 that she once went on a date with NBA star Kevin Durant, but that was it and they never dated.


Lana is a famous ex-adult film star who has been with many different men. In baby memes, people make mean jokes that anyone could be Milo’s father because Lana has been with so many different men.

“Because she had done adult entertainment in the past, a viral conversation about her pregnancy and baby led to many memes about her in 2021 and 2022,” says Know Your Meme. A picture from the book “Where’s Wally?” is one example of a meme. with the caption “Lana Rhoades’s son is looking for his real father.”

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Another says, “Lana Rhoades kid on career day at school,” with a video of a man staring out the window. During her pregnancy, Twitter was full of memes about who the baby’s father is. Since Milo was born in January 2022, those memes have become even more popular.

LANA TALKS ABOUT THE VIRAL MEMES In June 2021, Lana talked about the horrible memes that went viral after she announced she was pregnant.

The influencer said, “I don’t know if you’ve seen, but people are making memes, and TikTok is saying two different things.” “One, that my child will be picked on at school, and two, that they are making TikTok videos about my child’s birth and kids going down water slides.”

“That’s what most of the comments on my Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter say, and people also say things like, ‘I feel bad for the kid because mom did p***,'” she said.

Then she shut down the memes by saying, “I have one thing to say about that. I feel sorry for you. Your mother must have been awful to raise a son who talks to women in that way.

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