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LA : Driver Who Appeared Wasted Smashing Vehicle! Can’t And Won’t Be Charged

The LA who appeared to smashed a car and walked into the sunset with cops watching has just got a break of the century because he can’t be charged with what he did. Law enforcement tells us that there is no way legally charges could stick around the Los Angeles Police Department officials never gave the man a sobriety test.

The footage you see you cannot clearly identify that the man who smashed the cars repeatedly stumbles and falls, which is not enough for the charges. The man’s advocate can easily argue with many reasons why he seemed to be out of control. And there is no way he can prove the sobriety test without a blood test back at the station.

The Police Department is conducting some other investigation why cops ignored the scene. The scary part .. this guy seemed to be 3 sheets to the wind in the Mid of the Day. So if he could get another vehicle then it could be an extreme danger to drivers and pedestrians.

La police

In that video that shows the Traffic incident. That guy Bezzaz seemed to be pulling into a parking lot after realizing she was over pulled. When police officers told her that she was being detained and that she needed a step out of the vehicle. Bezzaz refused to tell him that she didn’t do anything wrong.

After the leakage of the footage that was by recorded by Bezzazwhich circulated online. “Mina held a news conference about that incident ” to that which she said that the video is “troubling”.

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