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Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi- New Pic ,Steals Hearts

Kylie Jenner, the heart robber of almost every guy in the world, is an all-time front cover of a lot of magazines. But this time, she is stealing the show not just because of her, but the sweet little Jenner has also made the appearance along with Mom. Yes, you read it right. The yummy mummy, Kylie has recently uploaded an adorable picture with her daughter, Stormi Webster.

Stormi is just 2 but breaking the internet with Mom like a star.
Stormi was a top-secret of Kylie until three days of her birth on Feb 1st, 2018.
The Mother-Daughter duo can be seen in an Instagram post uploaded on 25 June. Where Stormi is seen in her Mom’s lap. She is looking so adorable and stealing all Kylie’s fan base.

Kylie is seen in a black leather biker jacket paired with black jeans, complimented with white shoes.

Little Stormi can also be seen complementing her Mom in black tee- dress.
The duo clicked them in a red Lamborghini with the door wide open.
Stormi’s expression is so cute that it seems she is saying something to her Mom.

Further, Kylie feels daughter Stormi’s birth as her greatest “Win”. Reportedly, Stormi is born to Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott, who’s her ex now. Kylie’s parenting can be assessed from an archived post of her where she posted a video of Stormi. In the video, Kylie puts a bowl of chocolates in front of the 2-year, and she can be seen telling herself to be patient until the Mom comes.

The Mother-Daughter duo is so popular that they concluded their first cover shoot for “VOGUE”. The Vogue Czechoslovakia’s July/August issue will feature the power-packed duo.

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