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Kylie Jenner: Out For Fun This Time Not With Travis Scott! Want To Know Who This Man Is? Click Here…

 How Is Kylie Jenner’s Quarantine Going?

Kylie Jenner has been a trendsetter for many out there. She is a fashion influencer and makeup mogul. Kylie Jenner has been in quarantine much like all the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Source: Republic World.com

Amidst all the quarantine drama, she has found some time to go and have some fun. Subsequently, she went out with a man, but the bizarre thing is that he is not Travis Scott. Moreover, she went with her friends to Utah. While she has been sharing a few pictures from her trip, she can be seen spending time with a male friend.

Who Is This Man?

Revealing about this hidden man, Kylie Jenner went on vacation with her sister Kendall Jenner’s rumoured boyfriend Fai Khadra. Also in a picture shared by Kylie Jenner, she is seen sitting on the ground while Fai Khadra stands behind her. The snapshot was taken in the beautiful landscapes of Utah.

Source: Kylie Instagram

Furthermore, Kylie Jenner has revealed that she has been climbing mountains while on her exotic vacation. She also shared a few videos and pictures of herself along with her friend climbing the rocky mountains. She also shared a sexy photo of herself taking some time to change into a green coloured bikini.

Her exotic pics are creating a fizz in the fans minds. They are wanting for more pics of her vacation. Kylie is trending because of her Utah Trip. Everyone was, though, wondering how Kylie could be chilling with a man other than Travis Scott. But, after it became clear about the identity, everyone went crazy.

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