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Kylie Jenner In Baggy Clothes In An Attempt To Go Incognito, Seen First After The Cancellation Of KUWTK

Since the KUWTK got cancelled, Kylie Jenner was seen outside for the first time wearing baggy clothes to distract attention from her famous figure. Kind of hard to do when you are super famous.

Kylie’s Change In Style

Kylie Jenner
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The cancellation of the show came as a shock to its fans, and Kylie wore baggy clothes when she was seen outside for the first time after the cancellation as if to avoid any kind of attention or question thrown towards her.

She went to the extent of changing her dressing style for this, that’s saying something. Usually, she drapes herself in skintight and fancy dresses that show off her figure.

She wore a baggy shirt with blue jeans and accessorised the outfit with Dior bag and lots of silver bangles and rings on her hands and fingers.

And of course, she didn’t forget her face mask and her hair was free and glossy and went past her shoulders.

She was accompanied by her friend named Zack Pia.

She was outside to attend a TIK TOK party at 40 Love in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

No Statement

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She made no comments on the cancellation of the show which has been aired for nearly 14 years and the show with which she grew up. The show ran for 20 seasons.

Her elder sister, Kim, was the first to share this news with the world on Instagram, followed by others.


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