Kyle Rittenhouse
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A White Teen Named Kyle Rittenhouse Has Been Identified As The Jacob Blake Protest Shooter

On Tuesday night in Wisconsin, a person with a rifle was seen shooting the protestors mainly an unarmed Black man has been identified.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse
Source: Google

A viral video has been circulating on the internet, which showed a person shooting on people in a protest who is said to be affiliated with the police.

There has not been any official statement made by the police to reveal who the shooter was. Still, social media users are trying to claim its Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teenager who may be closely associated with the police.

Photos of Kyle were trending on Twitter under the tag “AR-15”.

He is accused of killing at least two people, shooting one right in the head and harming many others.

With the power of Social Media, users all around the world looked for connections of the shooter being Kyle and tweeted some vital pieces of evidence.

These all happened after the police shot Jacob Blake in the back multiple times when he was seen walking away from them to enter his car.

No Action

kyle Rittenhouse
Source: Google

No legal action has not been taken yet by the police, and the allegation came from Kyle offering a water bottle to a police officer and him thanking him for being there.

This shows police brutality and racism in its high form, and people out there are still fighting and losing lives for equality.


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