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Kody Brown To Pay $30,000 For “Pain And Suffering”- Courts Verdict

Kody Brown, the “Sister Wives” star, has landed himself in one more trouble. The already financially-hit Kody has been ordered by the court to pay a sum of $30,000 in a lawsuit filed.

The case was originally filed against Paedon, his son with Christine Brown.

Kody and son Paedon were sued in December 2018 by Stefannie Gonzalez and Mirella Flores.

They alleged that Paedon rear-ended their in October 2017 in an accident. It was, in fact, a triple-collision accident.

Both Stefannie and Mirella filed a lawsuit against Paedon alleging that the accident happened due to paedon’s negligence.

The acquisitions also read that Paedon’s car was following their car very closely. However, when their car stopped for an emergency vehicle, Paedon rammed into theirs, thereby rear-ending.

Though Kody wasn’t present at the site the complainants accused him, too, as they argued that giving minor the vehicle, is irresponsible behavior. And, interestingly Kody is the real owner of the car. Thus, he is liable and is accused too, for the same.

The verdict came on May 27, 2020, and it was not at all in Kody’s favor. The verdict through arbitration read – to pay Stefanie a sum of $8,774 as Medical specials and $3000 for the damages for pain and suffering. And, added to pay Mirella $13,521 as Medical specials and $4,500 for damages for pain and suffering.

Reportedly, Stefanie was present behind the wheel of the car and Mirella was inside the car that Paedon crashed into.

The sum of $30k ordered by the court includes the court fees, the “pain, and sufferings” compensation as the injured ones suffered severe injuries that obstruct their daily lives.

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