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Kirsten Dunst Kanye West: Kirsten Dunst appalled by seeing her picture in Kanyes ‘Vision 2020’ poster, writes, “What’s the message here and why am I a part of it?”

On the 19th of August, Kanye West took to Twitter to share a poster of his, ‘Vision 2020.’ The poster features actress Kirsten Dunst. It is a checkboard patterned homemade poster, having 18 blocks. 9 blocks feature pictures of various people. The other 9 blocks have, ‘Kanye Vision 2020’ written on them. Along with actress Kirsten Dunst, it also features Vogue editor, Anna Wintour in it.

Kanye Vision 2020 poster
source: Twitter

Kirsten Dunst, addressed her picture. She took to her Twitter sharing the poster and captioned it, “What’s the message here, and why am I a part of it?” Kanye has not yet replied to the thread that follows.

Kirsten Dunst reply to Kanye's post
source: NME.com

Kanye’s 2020 Vision, idea came forth earlier this month. He took to Twitter, sharing a picture of a white t shirt. The t shirt had, “Kanye 2020 Vision”, slogan printed on it. Kanye anyhow never indicated if it was his new range of merchandise or is he planning to sell these slogan t shirts.

T shirt with Vision 2020 printed
sources: Twitter

Logistical Redblocks in Kanye’s Candidacy:

On the Independence Day, West had announced about his Presidential campaign. Following a number of controversies,  Kanye kept making headlines for a while. Logistical Redblocks, kept his candidacy, in doubt.

It also came up that he may no longer run for the elections, as he missed out on deadlines of ballots across certain states in the country. Kanye also failed to appear in the ballot of his home state, Illinois. Kanye, insisted he wants to run as a writer in candidate. “I will beat Biden off of write ins #VISION2020”, Kanye tweeted.

But to run as an independent candidate, West required 2500 signatures from instate voters by July 2020. Although West submitted 3218 signatures, according to the Chicago Tribune, 1928 were ruled invalid, by the election board review.

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August 21st is the deadline for Kanye’s lawyers to prove the signatures backed with evidences. Ed Mullen is one of the lawyers who has challenged his petition. He said that, Kanye is, “virtually certain be kicked off the ballet.”

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