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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West: The Couple Is Having A Quality Family Moment As They Go Paddle Boarding With Their Little One! Read More..

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West are having a great family time as they took their daughter North Paddle Boarding.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Go Paddle Boarding With Daughter

On Sunday morning Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to upload a series of pictures. And the pictures were of the family time she had with her husband Kanye West and daughter North. Actually the couple had taken their daughter North for Paddle boarding. And had a lots of fun together.

Kim Kardashian
Source: Daily Mail

The reality star posted five pictures where where she was seen boating with her little one. In the last picture we saw Kim posing with husband Kanye West. And they were also joined by Kourtney Kardashian.

As Kim was really looking fit and stunning in a skin tight wet suit whereas Kanye West donned a red hoodie. From this recent post it is quite clear that the couple are actually trying to spend as much family time as possible. And that is the reason why they took their daughter paddle boarding in the weekened.

In the pictures we could see Kim having a good time with little Munchkin North as she takes charge of the boat. Thus this family outing was indeed a refreshing one for the couple as well. As their relationship is going through a lot.

Their Present Relationship

Well from the recent social media posts by both Kim and Kanye we can sense that they are very much together. And have sorted out their differences.

Kim Kardashian
Source: Daily Mail

Parents to six children, it was never an option for them to break their marriage instantly. Thus they worked on resolving their issues and maybe they still are. Although what Kanye West did in the past few months was really bizarre because giving negative statements about wife and their personal life is not forgivable.

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But Kanye realized his mistakes at the right time and apologized to Kim for his bizarre statements. And that is the reason she gave him a chance to work on their relationship and that is when they went for a vacation in Dominican Republic.

Thus after their return from the vacation it seems like they have finally reconciled!

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