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Kim Jennie Boyfriend: Whom Is She Dating Right Now?

Who is Kim Jennie Boyfriend 

Who is Kim Jennie Boyfriend?

A popular band in South Korea, BLACKPINK consists of four members: Kim Jennie, Lisa, Kim Jisoo, and Rose. Although the band is famous worldwide with their success and have not discussed their personal lives much, there are rumors about one member’s dating history.

The article did not clarify that it was only discussing one member Who would not want to know about the dating life of their idols? Even a slight curiosity is there in everyone. But, apart from Kim Jennie, the other idols did not officially have any boyfriends yet. So, Who is BLACKPINK S Kim Jennie Dating? What is Kim Jennie’s current relationship status?

Some of the idols from YG Entertainment are prohibited to date, anyone. BLACKPINK is one such group. One reason could be because there isn’t much written about them. Sadly, no one can stop their heart from going where it belongs. Jennie is the only member of the group to date while still a part of BLACKPINK and come into a relationship. Kim is in a relationship with Jennie, the famous member of GaIn and Day date.

BLACKPINK’s Kim Jennie Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating Now?

The singer has not dated anyone officially yet. The company’s strict no dating policy prohibits Jennie from openly discussing her relationships with the media. Despite the rumors, many reports claim that she is currently single and there’s no one special in her life. Jennie and G-Dragon have collaborated previously for the song Like This, but it is unclear how much truth there is to this rumor.

Following their recent collaboration on a YG Entertainment music video, internet chatter is buzzing about the possibility of a potential Jennie and G-Dragon relationship.

It was alleged that Jennie and G-Dragon have been dating for a year. They have been meeting each other, and Jennie visits G-Dragon’s home. Furthermore, it has been their daily routine. In fact, the agency knew about their relationship, and the relationship was widely known among them. YG Entertainment denied any rumors of Jennie and G-Dragon dating. The company hasn’t confirmed or denied the rumors.

The Blackpink, The Show concert happened on January 31. G-Dragon was spotted in the area before the show and he had a secret affair with Kim Jennie. Not only does her boyfriend know about Jennie’s job as a K-pop star, but it was also rumored that Jennie’s mother knew as well.

BLACKPINK’s Kim Jennie: Dating History

BLACKPINK member Kim Jennie’s romantic relationship with Exo Kai had a short lifespan. They were in a relationship from October 2018 to January 2019. Not only this, their relationship got confirmed two months back from their dating in December 2018. SM Entertainment which is the management company of Kai confirmed the news the same way. Furthermore, their relationship was speculated by fans in October only when both shared at the same time romantic photos in Paris’s Eiffel Tower.

They were only dating for a short time before the split. They broke up in January 2019, after a relationship of only one month. Kim and Jennie of South Korean girl group BlackPink parted ways towards the end of September, SM Entertainment confirmed. The entertainment company gave no details about what led to their break-up nor did it confirm whether or not they will continue collaborating on future projects. A source said the busy schedules of the singers lead to the breakup. They brought to an end to their relationship as friends and only want to focus on their careers. In 2019, Jennie even got linked with Harry Styles. They haven’t dated each other.

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