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Single For DRS ! 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Kieron Pollard
Source : crictacker.com
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KIERON POLLARD Single For DRS ! Why Paparazzi’s Are Covering This News ? Click Here To Know The Reason

What Happened For KIERON POLLARD Single? 

Kieron Pollard was given LBW to Mohammed Shami in the 17th overs, the batsmen quickly call for a third umpire review. The replay shows that there is an inside edge, and Pollard is allowed to carry on. It seems simple. Case dissolved? But, I don” t think that it does.

As per International Cricket Council, the ball, however, is consider to be dead and any run resulting from it would not be counted under batting’s team scorecard. In this case, the ball touched the inside edge and distracted off the pads, and the batsmen ran across for a single. Howsoever, the review is consider, and the run deducts off, and the ball didn’t have a count.


“The batting side, while benefit from the reversal of the dismissal, shall not benefit from runs that have accquired from the delivery had the on-field umpire originally made a Not-out decision, other than any No-ball penalty”. 

Kieron Pollard
Source : crictacker.com


Pollard and #MI denied a single. LBW gave. Review. Inside edge confirms. But the easy run they took won’t count. Dear@ICC, this might cost someone the World Cup someday. Need to rethink. Umpires will have to reconsider their decision until the ball is dead. #MIvKXIP! Aakash Chopra Tweeted.

The Cricketing Fans & Fraternity is unanimous in its view that the rule needed some alterations to allow for resulting runs from the balls if the batsman is ultimately adjudged not out of the delivery. 


 As former India opening batsman Aakash Chopra reckoned, the umpire needs to reserve his decision until the ball is dead, and that a potential reversal should include the runs that have been taken off the delivery.


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