kenjithebarber promotes his business like no other!


Here’s how What’s promotion?

Promotion is the activity that supports or provides active encouragement for the furtherance of a cause, venture, or aim.

If i was a barber i would most definitely promote my business how kenjithebarber does! Kenji Takes his business to another level with the way he promotes! Kenji makes these fun to watch barber transformation videos like this These videos rack up over 100k in views! Which will bring in clientele from all over! He uses the latest music and dancing trends he seen on instagram or tik tok.

Moving his way up in the barber industry Kenji has done stuff no other barber has done! Kenji most definitely puts his money back in himself by buying billboards, promotions, and sponsor ads on instagram!

Kenjithebarber just recently bought a billboard placement in his hometown! No other barber has done that before! Most barbers just buy business cards and flyers to hand out, but Kenji stepped it up a notch and placed his face on a billboard! Kenji says “ that billboard has gained me a whole lot more clients and recognition!” Kenji also said “no matter how many clients you have, you can never stop promoting yourself.” Kenji not only promotes himself but the whole barbershop is gaining off his promotions! Kenji steps for promotion success:



plan and research for the type of promotion you’re looking for. Evaluate – Make sure it’s within your budget and is right for your business.

Execute – After placing your ad make sure the audience engages in it! Results – After executing check results to see if you would do that ad again! Kenji stated “always have faith in yourself or business, because everything starts off slow but will eventually pick up if you stay on your grind!” Kenji also said “You’re never spending “ too much” on your business.” With that being said there is always room for improvement never stop learning! Kenji still has ways to go, but the way he is taking his business to another level, he will be there in no time! Follow him on instagram: @kenjithebarber

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