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Kelly Clarkson Now Is Now Halfway There To Getting The EGOT Status

Kelly Clarkson can now add “Emmy award winner” to her resume. This after she won the Entertainment Talk Show Host category at the recent Daytime Emmy Awards. for The Kelly Clarkson Show. This year’s Daytime Emmy Awards were a digital event, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Clarkson Celebrates Winning Daytime Emmy Award

In celebration, Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter to express her joy. “OH MY GOSH!!!!!! What is happening?!!!! This is amazing!!! Thank y’all so much!!! And a MAJOR thank you to my entire crew that really is the reason I won!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with our whole crew when humans can congregate again!! This calls for a PARTY!!!!”, she wrote.

She also extended her thanks to her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. Blackstock was also her manager and helped her launch The Kelly Clarkson Show a few years ago.


Kelly Clarkson Quips About Winning An Oscar And Tony Award Next

Clarkson also took this opportunity to joke about the fact that she was halfway to EGOT status now. For those of you who don’t know, an EGOT is someone who has won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award.

John Legend is one of the few artists who actually have all four awards. In fact that are only fourteen others in history who have achieved this status. This exclusive club includes names like Audrey Hepburn and Mel Brooks.

Kelly Clarkson’s Emmy And Grammy Wins Are Huge Achievements Already

Now that Clarkson has an Emmy and a Grammy, she sarcastically put John Legend on notice, claiming that she’s “comin’ for that EGOT status.”

Clarkson would need to either star in or direct a Broadway musical for that Tony award. She’d also have to win an Oscar for some category of work in filmmaking. It’s a tall order, but not everyone can say that they’re halfway there.

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