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Keir Blames Government For “Holding British Back” On Having The COVID Testing Facility Only Because Wife Is In NHS

Labour party leader, Keir attacked the opposition conservative party for “holding the British back.”

Government’s casual behaviour?

Keir Starmer mentioned in his speech at TUC; he could get himself screened only because his wife works for the NFS.

One of Starmer’s family members developed the virus symptoms. The test results are yet to come. Therefore, Keir is in coronavirus isolation.

He stated; it must be a very different situation for the thousands in the country. He blamed the government for such mistakes and not the citizens. Moreover, it is the government that holds Britain back, says Starmer.

Angela Rayner to deputise Keir Stammer

Angela Rayner

Andy Rayner will deputise for Keir Stammer at the dispatch box against Borris Jonson, labour party informed.

Other than this, NHS stated; if the problem of testing shortage is not solved, it will cause significant damage to the hospitals as well as the people since the virus continues to escalate.

Headteachers considered another drawback due to inefficient testing. Reportedly, if teachers can’t get tested quickly, it will cause the schools “grind to halt.”

Mr Johnson and Mr Hancock mentioned; the system is under pressure. People without any symptoms are using the testing facilities.

However, the British government is trying it’s best to overcome the crisis.


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