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Katy Perry- Shares Secret About Suicidal Thoughts

Katy Perry, the heartthrob Pop singer, has given a revelation about her inside story about her breakup period.
Katy, who was back in 2017 went into a breakup with her boyfriend, a renowned actor Orlando Bloom.

The phenomenal Pop singer shockingly revealed that back that time. She was disturbed and depressed about her breakup that she had thoughts of feelings suicidal at one point in time.

Katy’s statement and admission about the event went viral after her interview with SiriusXM’s CBC Radio One.
Here, she also revealed that she suffered mental pain. She got the pain because of her breakup was supplemented by the failure of her album “Witness”.

The album was released at the same time when she was suffering the trauma.

Talking about the same, she added that flying at that much high and suddenly seeing a blow of failure that too at two fronts was something she thought that she couldn’t handle. So, she thought of attempting suicide.
The 35-year-old star complimented the fact saying that her album “Witness” saw mixed reviews. And, as per the outsiders’ perspective, the album was not so much a big failure or a big flop, but she terms this low in her career as “Seismic”.

Katy further says that it was a kind of necessary phase of low, that she went through. Because she feels that she got to have a kind of a lot of experience about life and found “the wholeness in a whole different way”.
An interesting fact that we want to compile here is that the person with whom she broke up then, Orlando Bloom, is still with her. And, in fact, he is her fiance and happily, the couple is expecting their first baby.

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