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Kanye West Carve-Up A Pro-life Photo Of A 6-Month-Old Fetus

The 43-year-old rapper announced and shared a Pro-life photo of a 6-month-old fetus and announced that he was against abortion. The rapper also told Forbes that the planned parenthood was the “devil”.

Kanye Tweeted About A Late Miscarriage Before Deleting The Post

The reproductive health care provider employed by the fatherhood is led by ‘white supremacists’ to do the work of the devil. The father then shared a screenshot of a google search on twitter and asked “what does a 6-month-old fetus look like?”


Kanye West
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These Souls Deserve To Live In Surrounding

Last year, Kanye compared Plan B- a contraceptive also known as the post-contraceptive pill with abortions that some health officials have described as “wrong equivalents”.

Kanye, who previously said he was running in 2024, is a strong lawyer for the current president and spent time with Trump in the Oval office before mid-2018 and had words that these souls should live but then deleted the post in future so that no negativity comes on him.

The screenshot showed a graph showing growth and development during the trimester of pregnancy. Planned Parenting replied that this was not the first time that a musician who supports Trump.



Annoyance At Kanye’s Declaration

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1.3% of abortions during the 21-week abortion in 2015. The now-deleted tweet came on the same day that West spoke to Forbes in an interview. In a controversial interview with Forbes magazine, Kanye made inflammatory remarks about planted Parenthood. Planned Parenting also said in response that this was not the first time that Kayne had made the headlines. Nia Martin-Robinson, director of black leadership and engagement at Planned Parenthood, berated the star in a statement from DailyMail.com.

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In the same interview, he said on his weekend tweets announcing that he would run against Trump as he was serious and dealt in a better way.

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