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Junko Furuta: A mind staggering rape case, that shocked the whole world!

The heinous rape culture is deadlier than any pandemic. This story is not meant for light hearted people. It is heart wrenching and rather traumatizing.

Junko Furuta, was a 16 year old Japanese teenager. This article revolves around her 44 days of helluva suffering and pain. She was raped for more than 500 times, within a span of 44 days.

Junko Furuta
source: Japan Inside

The story of Junko is known as the ‘concrete encased high-school girl.’ It drew attention from all over the world. The brutality exhibited in the case is beyond words and shocked the whole nation.

The Story:

Junko Furuta rape case
Source: Japan Inside

Junko was a high school girl. She studied in Misato, in Saitama Perfecture, Japan. Being an attractive looking girl, she caught much attention. Apart from jealousy and envy, boys were lured by her charm and charisma. One of them were, Hiroshi Miyano.

Hiroshi Miyano, was popularly recognized as the school bully. He was involved with the new generation of the Yakuza, which put him at a place of power. People dare oppose him.

Hiroshi was highly attracted to Junko, and wanted to establish a physical relationship with her. Junko turned him down, saying, “No.”

Yes, it’s the “No” that began all her atrocities. On the 25th of November 1988, Junko, was abducted by 4 boys, including Hiroshi. They took her to one of their parent’s owned house in Ayashe district of Adachi, Tokyo.

They forced, Junko to lie to her parents about her abduction. The captors insisted, she told them that she’s at her friends place and safe. Junko could not contemplate the horrors on her way.

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Nobuharo Minato’s, parent’s house was the place where Junko Furuta was kept kidnapped. She was manhandled and forced to pretend as one of their’s girlfriend, if the parents ever came for a visit.

Junko Furuta: The Helluva experience:

The torture inflicted
Source: The Indianness

The unspeakable suffering within the span of 44 days is heart wrenching. She was kept naked most of the time, as a sign of humiliation. 500+ times rape, somedays as many as 12 men raped her.

This was not all. Limited food and water supply, forcing her to eat cockroaches and drink her own urine. Fire works set up her ass, causing serious burn injurious. Her left nipple was torn off by pliers. Heavy dumbbles dropped in her stomach, as she laid with her hands and legs tied, causing loss of bowel control.

She was hung from the ceiling and replaced for a punching bag. Junko was kept in a refrigerator for days. Her eyelids were burnt with hot wax, breasts pierced with sewing needles, vagina and clitoris burnt with cigarettes and lighters.

A hot lit on bulb was forced inside her vagina, and rubbed until it exploded inside. She was brutally beaten with golf clubs and her face was smashed against cement walls.

The humiliation inflicted on her is mind boggling. Men not just raped her, but urinated on her as well. She was forced to masturbate with dangerous objects, to turn on her rapists. Bottles, iron bar, scissors, roasting needles, grilled chicken skewers and so on, were forced inside her vagina and anus.

After 30 days of heinous torture, Junko was unable to urinate. Her internal organs were completely damaged and her vulva destroyed due to the constant insertion of foreign objects.

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Her eardrums were completely damaged and her brain size had decreased. Constant cigarette burns had ceased her ability to walk or stand up. It took her almost an hour to crawl downstairs to the washroom.

Junko’s Death:

The concrete encased high-school girl
source: Japan Inside

44 days of rape, brutality and torture,got Junko begging to be killed. Her captors did not grant her the favor.

On 4th of January, 1989, her captors challenged her to a game of Mahjong solitaire. To their surprise,  Junko won the game, that pissed them even more. She was thrashed brutally with an iron barbell. Lighter liquid was poured all over her arms, legs, face and stomach and she was set on fire.

Cruelty is an understatement in her case. The rape, torture, beatings, dehydration, malnutrition overpowered. Junko succumbed to her injuries and died of shock on January 22, 1989.

The murderes did not show a hint of sympathy even after her death. They filled her body, in a 55 gallon drum filled with concrete. They later disposed it off in Koto, Tokyo.

The name of the four culprits are, Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, Shinji Minato, Yashushi Watanabi, Jo Kamisaku. Guess what happened to all of them? They are roaming free today!

Rape Case Statistics:

Almost about 115 rape cases are reported in India alone, per day. Just guess the number attempted that go unreported.

According to a statistics report, rape is an unreported crime. Around, 91.6% cases go unreported around the world. According to a statistics by the United Nations, compiling government records, 250,000 cases of rape were recorded by police annually.

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These numbers fall small when we realize, the numbers of Hiroshi Miyano roaming around us freely. This also forces us to think, that this is the world and these are the tales, our coming generation has to face. I’m appalled and perturbed to the core already!

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