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Joy Reid Accused Trump Of Radicalising People, Rep. Ilhan Omar Wants Better Apology From Reid And Called Her  ‘Islamophobia’

Joy Reid, the MSNBC host, compared radicalised supporters of President Donald Trump. Therefore she has been accused of Islamophobia. Moreover, she compared President Supporters to ‘the way Muslims act’.

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The host’s comments were broadcasted on Monday during her show, ReidOut. She was discussing Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha and the murder charges against it. Additionally, she also focused upon political violence in Portland. The prevailing lawlessness and chaos.

Reid said about the leaders in the Muslim world. About the violent talk and their encouragement towards the supporters. The main aim is to commit violence. They aim to win against whoever they call their enemy. According to Reid, those leaders radicalise other people, especially the younger ones.

Source Twitter

Then she focused upon the Muslims act. She compared Donald Trump radicalising people is no less than imposing Muslim laws Or practising Islam.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Accusations

Rep. Ilhan Omar, accused Reid in a tweet saying, “Honestly, this kinda casual Islamophobia is hurtful and dangerous.”

Omar wants an apology from Reid. According to him, Muslims deserve better. The act of Reid must have her hurt several Muslims in the country.

Although on Tuesday, she did not address any controversy but came forward with a tweet.

She wrote, ”There’s been some thoughtful commentary but also some willful distortion of the points I tried to make yesterday. We’ll discuss in more depth tomorrow on the show!”

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