Joseph Quinn Game of Thrones: Completely changed for Stranger Things Season 4

Joseph Quinn Game of Thrones: Completely changed for Stranger Things Season 4

Joseph Quinn has been acting since he was a child, but his role on Stranger Things is about to make him a household name. In Stranger Things 4, Joseph plays Eddie Munson. He has also been in Les Misérables, Catherine the Great, and Game of Thrones. Here is everything you need to know about the actor.

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Who did Joseph Quinn play in got?


After Dickensian—a BBC murder mystery series that brings many Charles Dickens characters together in one neighborhood, kind of like a Charles Dickens Multiverse situation—Quinn has consistently appeared in major works. In an episode of Game of Thrones from 2017, he played Koner, a guard who met Arya Stark.

Who does Joseph Quinn play in Stranger Things?

Eddie Munson

In Stranger Things 4, Joseph Quinn plays Eddie Munson. Eddie is a new character in season 4, and he is in charge of The Hellfire Club, which is Hawkins High’s official D&D club. In the fourth season, Eddie will be in the middle of all the trouble. This is the first time Joseph has been in a Netflix show.

Joseph Quinn looks nothing like himself in his new role on Stranger Things.

Joseph Quinn Movies and TV shows

Since he was a child, Joseph Quinn has been acting, and you’ve probably seen him in other shows. Joseph has also been in Dickensian (as Arthur Havisham), Howards End (as Leonard Bast), Catherine the Great (as Tsarevich Pavel), and Strike (Billy Knight). In the 2019 movie Make Up, Joseph also played Tom.

Who’s Joseph Quinn’s Date?Who's Joseph Quinn's Date_

Right now, it doesn’t look like Joseph Quinn is dating anyone in public, but he could be dating someone in private.

Joseph Quinn’s Net Worth

Figuring out a person’s net worth is never easy, and there isn’t any accurate information about Joseph Quinn’s net worth right now. Joseph’s net worth is likely to go up because of his new role on Stranger Things. Some people who start new shows on Netflix make about $20,000 per episode for the first few seasons.

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