John Cena: Big Show Revealed How Randy Orton Is Different From John Cena?


The difference between the most famous American wrestler and actor John Cena and Randy Orton is revealed by Big show. Big basically focuses upon the qualities of John Cena, Randy doesn’t have.

John Cena and Randy Orton are equally famous in the era of wrestling. Although Big Show is flooded with his set of fans too.

Big show express his feelings to Justine Barrasso. They discussed a lot of topics including admiration and his respect for Orton.

No doubt Orton and big have been onscreen competitors. Still Big does not hesitate to praise Orton for his looks, talent, character and Physique.

Although, he adores Orton a lot. Claiming that, Orton has the ability to become the No.1 wrestler.

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Differences between John Cena and Randy Orton according to Big show

The world’s largest athlete revealed that John Cena mostly wanted to be the locker room. Whereas Randy Orton be someone who is involved in his own in-ring talents.

Furthermore, he told,

”I’ve always said that Randy is not John Cena. I used to call Cena ‘Captain America.’ He wanted to work hard and be the leader. Randy always wanted to be the best in the ring, but he didn’t want to be a leader. So that’s the biggest difference I’ve seen. Randy has embraced that leadership role. His presence in the ring and his presence backstage is much bigger and much more concrete than I’ve ever seen.”

A Great Actor Too

Along with wrestling John Cena is involved in acting. No doubt he is a great actor and the whole of America has witnessed it.
He Is 184 CM tall weighing 114 kg.
He got trained by Christopher Daniels, Dave Finlay, Ohio valley wrestling.

Furthermore, he is one of the most famous personalities in Instagram having 14.2M followers.

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