John Bolton
John Bolton
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John Bolton’s Book Sparks A Series Of Contoversies

John Bolton has been and continues to be a significant person in the USA. Along with being a former diplomat, National Security Advisor and political commentator, he was also a Republic Consultant. Consequently, all these job profiles rendered him very close to Trump administration. Further, he decided to account all the bizarre incidents in his now controversial book ‘The Room Where It Happened’.

Publication And Suit

The consequences of publication of this book are something the Trump administration is dreadful of. Set to go on sale on June 23, the book is on Amazon’s number one bestseller list. However, if the administration has its bizarre ways, attempts to thwart the revelations will be successful. Best selling magazines have published excerpts of the book which gives some insight, making the public crave for more.

After threatening in the month of January, the Trump administration resorted to filing a suit against Bolton. The rationale came from the book being ‘rife with classified information’.


If verified to be true, the revelations in the book are bizarre as you can imagine. In fact, the serious of events have already made people connect the dots and believe them to be true. According to the excerpts, Trump had asked Chinese leader Xi Jinping to help win the 2020 elections. A conversation between Xi and Trump had revealed that Trump supported Xi with building concentration camps for the Uighur Muslims.

John Bolton
John Bolton
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The book seems to confirm that Trump’s understanding of foreign policies is flawed and catastrophic. He apparently considered invading Venezuela and believes that Venezuela is more or less a part of the USA. Some earlier revelations had suggested Trump directed the assistance to Ukraine to be put on hold unless the country begins investigating Joe Biden’s son. Further, it also includes details about Trump’s meetings about Vladimir Putin and his North Korea policies. Bolton promises there is more to the book and if released, it could show the true side of the Trump rule.

Trump’s Reactions

The administration has reacted swiftly and has resorted to threatening and filing suits. Trump feels absolutely agitated by everything mentioned and the information being leaked. Besides calling it ‘nasty and untrue’, he considers revealing classified information illegal. Also, he believes all this is a consequence of Bolton losing his job.

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