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Joe Biden: This Stimulus Plan Is What You Can Expect If Biden Comes To Power! Will It Be Better Than The Previous Ones?

Joe Biden has been talking about the new stimulus bill which he will consider if he comes to power.

New Stimulus Plan By Joe Biden

The Presidential candidate is really concerned about the falling of economy in the US. Therefore Biden has been working on a Stimulus plan which he will release if he wins the Presidential elections.

Joe Biden
Source: AP

The Stimulus plan is said to be of at least $1 trillion. And will be aimed at solving the economic crisis the the citizens. If he wins the November election, this bill will be likely passed by January 2021. Moreover the sources says that this bill will not just be aimed at the economic crisis by the ongoing pandemic. But will all address a long time economic development of the nation.

Because Biden is a man of vision. Therefore all his plans will have a long term goal.

What Will Biden’s Stimulus Package Include?

Well as Biden focuses on long term goals. The Stimulus package he is planning to release is likely to have the following inclusions:

  • an annual tax credit of $8,000 for parents having young kids
  • health insurance for unemployed people
  • extra benefits for people who have recently lost their jobs and are struggling to survive
  • economic packages for small business and start ups
Joe Biden
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These were some of the inclusions Biden’s stimulus package might have. As he has always been talking about securing the lives of those citizens who lost their jobs amidst the pandemic. Therefore it seems like this stimulus package will be more beneficial for those people rather than Trump’s Stimulus plans.

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Although Biden has not announced about this package publicly but as per the sources this package is going to look after a vast arena of economic crisis the US is facing. Hence might be better than the previous Stimulus checks.

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