Who Is Jim Cornette Wife? Did His Wife Allegedly Once Slept With The Big Show? The Truth!

 Jim Cornette is an American professional wrestler, manager, promoter, booker, and commentator. He was the owner of Smoky Mountain Wrestling from 1991 to 1995 and was a part of the WWF/WWE from 1993 to 2005. But nowadays, people want to know about his personal life, like Who is his wife? How many marriages has he had? There is a lot of curiosity in people’s minds about his wife and controversy related to his wife.

Now People might think, Which “Controversy” they are talking about. So To get information regarding his wife and his wife’s controversy, Read the full article.

Who Is Jim Cornette Wife? How Many Marriages Has He had?

Jim Cornette Wife?

Jim Cornette has a very interesting story when it comes to his relationships and marriage. He has been married twice so far. Janice Kelly Crowl was the first woman he married. They’ve been together for a long time, and on February 16, 1987, they got married. Sadly, they didn’t last forever. As of June 1, 2002, they were no longer together and were getting a divorce.

After her marriage fell apart, the next Stacey Goff was the woman who would marry Cornette. Stacey was born in 1977 and went by the name Synn. She worked as a freelance wrestling manager. Before they finally got married in 2007, they spent a lot of time together. After more than ten years, they are still together.

There is no public record that he has children from any of his marriages. Still, no one knows for sure if he has a child or not. There have been rumors in the past that he has children with other people. Jim Cornette denied the claim and also said that he doesn’t even have a real child.

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Did Jim Cornette’s Wife Allegedly Once Slept With The Big Show

The #SpeakingOut movement was about Jim Cornette and his wife, Stacey. It was said that they found young OVW talent and put them in a strange “cult” where they had to do s*x work and follow other rules. The stories are coming out, and almost all of them can be backed up by Cornette’s old best friend.

During a 2020 episode of The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin and his son Chris talked for well over an hour about Jim Cornette’s situation. They confirmed that almost all of the things said about Cornette are true.

Kenny Bolin couldn’t say for sure if Jim Cornette likes “golden showers” or not. That story is also going around about the pro wrestling manager who has been in trouble. Also, it seems like both Carmella and Corey Graves are interested in water sports.

Chris Bolin said that no one “blinked an eye” at Jim Cornette’s personal life because it’s not so strange compared to the rest of the pro wrestling business. There are dark stories everywhere, and Jim Cornette and his wife “swinging” didn’t fit into the category of “crazy stuff,” which is hard to believe. From the outside, it looks bad, but inside the wrestling business, it’s not.

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It was also said that no one said anything for years because most people would have lost their jobs. The business of wrestling is tricky and also involves politics. This helped hide Jim Cornette’s secret for many years.

Kenny Bolin went on to claim that Jim Cornette’s wife had “already been with The Big Show before she met Jimmy.” Bolin then commented that he’s seen “Big Show naked smoking a cigarette, and that’s not a pretty sight; all I know is that any girl he’s been with that’s not my territory.”

Kenny Bolin then rewrote an email from a former “huge star” in WCW who didn’t give his name. This story was about when he met Jim Cornette and his wife, Stacey, for the first time. It seems that Stacey offered to “blow Kevin Nash” as a way to end the situation. No one knew for sure if Big Kev let her do it or not.

Kenny Bolin went on to say that “there were a lot of powerful people in WWE who knew what was going on, but they didn’t do jack sh*t about it.” OVW was WWE’s developmental system at the time.

Jim Cornette flatly denied that these things were true. Stephen P. New, who is Cornette’s lawyer, is now involved as well. Bolin also said that New had opened a “can of worms” that he doesn’t know how to close.

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