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Jerry Harris From ‘Cheer’ Is Being Accused For Soliciting, Is He Involved With Sex Minors?

The FBI is currently investigating the allegation upon Jerry Harry. However, as per the USA reports, the FBI doubts that Jerry Harris is soliciting minors’ sex. As a result, the police department agents have already issued a search warrant to go through some investigation. Although, this Monday in the afternoon, the agents went to look over his home in Naperville.

The FBI Plans Against This Case

Special agent ‘Siobhan Johnson’ and Public affair officer FBI, has planned to conduct a court-authorized investigation in a particular area. They have not given much information about the case.

Jerry Harris won the national prominence when he got the opportunity to play a role in Cheer, a Netflix show. Harris has not yet charged for any criminal offense, and he has not replied to any question regarding this issue.

What Is The Origin Of The Allegations against Jerry Harris? 

A fourteen-year-old twin brother raised the allegation towards Harris; since then, the investigation has been started. During the interview, the boy said that he saw a pattern of harassment by Harris. He said that he saw him online and also at a Cheer competition. He then said that it all started when he was 13, and Harris was 19 years old and the harassment till continued for years.

Varsity Brands, a private company with control over the cheerleading industry, also reported to the police the same allegations. The company revealed all the handlings from sales of the uniform to major competitions.

Harris asked one of the members from the team to have sex with him in the year 2019. The Report says that he asked this during the varsity cheerleading competitions.

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Burton Brillhart Statement On Jerry Harris

During August, the police from Florida found that the company had already learned about Harris’s inappropriate sexual conduct. The Varsity’s Chief Legal Officer Burton Brillhart said that this was reported after meeting the company.


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With this recent allegation, he wrote that they had targeted Harris for affiliation with Varsity Brands Organization. The Report said that Harris was a former employee in the company who did not regularly work. In 2019, he posted a picture saying that he was working with the National Cheerleading Association.

How Harris Ruined Charlie’s Life

Harris posted many pictures about how he trained the athletes at NCA camps on his Social Media. The critics from social media said that Harris asked both the brothers for nude photos, but Harris was more into Charlie. Harris tried to pressurize him with more aggression and threatened him.

In an interview, Charlie said that he doesn’t want people to get mad at him, and therefore he tried to please Harris. He then said that he enjoyed cheerleading after his brother and wanted to gain experience just as his brother. But Jerry Ruined his experince in his life. 

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