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Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow: Jennifer Aniston gushes with love over Lisa Kudrow on her 57th birthday. Her post will melt your heart.

Our lovely Phoebe Buffay aka Lisa Kudrow turns 57. Costar and close friend Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel spills her love.

During the eve of Lisa’s birthday, Jen says some beautiful, heartfelt lines that will melt your heart and make you awe of their wonderful friendship.

Phoebe Rachel and Monica
source: Instagram

Aniston shares a series of pictures of Lisa via Instagram on the 30th of July. Amongst which was a picture in black and white. She captioned it with Lisa’s nickname, “Happy birthday my sweetest Floosh.”

Jen writes Happy birthday my sweetest Floosh
source: mirror.co.uk

Phoebe Buffay, loved to sing “smelly cats ” and thats a distinctive trait for her character. Aniston, shared a video of Lisa and Taylor swift, when the two shared a stage to sing “smelly cats.”

Aniston also recalled their memories. She said, “you were wearing an appropriate Phoebe Buffay (outfit) – like a white linen, hippie shirt and you had a bunch of seashells and necklaces on. And you had your hair pulled up in two clips, and you had this little blonde tendrils, so so so beautiful.”

Jennifer Anistons post declaring her love
source : mirror.co.uk

Jen shared a picture cuddling Lisa and declared, “i love you.”

They had recently had a reunion, campaigning for the elections. The three friends : Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, talked about the importance of voting rights and showed their enthusiasm as the day nears.

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