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Jeff Ross- Accused Of Sexual Assault

Jeff Ross, a dominating name is known for shows like “Jeff Ross roasts” and Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts special. He has sparked a controversy after the allegations of his alleged sexual relationship with a minor resurfaced on the various platforms.

The controversy again gets oxygen when @PallaviGunalan resurfaced the allegations on 19 June on Twitter.
The controversy claimed that Jeff Ross was in an alleged relationship with a minor when he was 33 and she was 15 in 1999.
The lady accused Jeff through the posted videos and messages on Facebook through the handle name”Iwas15hewas34″.  These allegations were made online in October 2019.

She alleged that this happened within the time frame of 1999 to 2001.
She reveals that the original allegations were made in 2005 when she penned down an open letter.
The lady in her claims through video added that she has well-documented pictures that can mark their relationship.
However, 54-year old denies all the allegations and took to Twitter to share his denial.

He writes, “It’s taken a lot of discipline for me not to respond until now because I believe this is a mental health issue and I support people when they are hurting. But let me be clear, these disgusting allegations asserted against me are not true,”. He further expanded bluntly, “I have never engaged in any sexual relationship with a minor.”

He extends his statements adding that this story is old news. Adding that many times the thorough investigations were done.
Ross even claimed that the woman and her husband has been harassing him for years now.
He further states that he is also intending to take legal actions against the accused of posing wrong allegations on him.

Also, go through his official twitter account to get more of fizz- https://twitter.com/realjeffreyross?lang=en

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