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Jamie Johnson Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Jamie Johnson Season 6

Jamie Johnson is a British kid’s comedy TV series aired on CBBC. The show highlights the self-titled cast represented by Louis Dunn and stars cameos from personalities. 

The design is very loosely related to the storyline in the novel show of the identical title, composed by Dan Freedman, handling some of the casts in the books.

Jamie Johnson is a kid’s comedy show that started its première on 13th June 2016. Since then, the series has been resumed for four more seasons. 

It is modified from a novel of the same title composed by Dan Freedman from a novel series. The show supports a youthful guy, Jamie Johnson, who wants to be a popular soccer athlete.

His desires take a backseat between his personality problems and family obstacles. His mom and dad’s divorce has driven him to stay. Although the tale spins throughout football, it is not the very thing.

It further examines concerns like homophobia, sexism, adjacent stories of kindness, separation, and bonds. Here are all details about Jamie Johnson’s season 6.

Jamie Johnson Season 6 Release Date

Unfortunately, CBBC has still not resumed the show for a sixth season. Hence, we have no real release date presently. But our biggest assumption is that the series’ upcoming part would release by late 2021 or mid-2022. 

We are expecting a notification from the showrunners about the premiere date to appear with more accurate info. 

Similarly, a new post by Jamie Johnson’s real Instagram work shows a mixed tale. It shows the shooting of season 7. Does that indicate season six’s shooting is covered up, and the premiere is driven back because f=of the unusual times? We would discover that out quickly. 

Jamie Johnson Season 6 Cast

The cast of Jamie Johnson season 6 is as follows:

Jamie Johnson

Dillon Simmonds

Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Marshall

Hugo’ Boggy’ Bogson

Mike Johnson

Karen Johnson

Zoe Moore

Jamie Johnson Season 6 Trailer

No trailer or teaser is released to give tips on the forthcoming tale. The group has not received any new flags to get back in. Nevertheless, the possibilities of the sixth artwork continue. We are continuing to move again with the news on the anticipated season assuredly.

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Jamie Johnson Season 6 Plot

Jamie is a 12-year-old guy, very honest, and he believes in becoming a prosperous footballer. The fantasy he has is the most popular among children his span. 

Hence, Jamie is very skilled, and he can make his fantasy come true. Besides this, he further has anger problems and many things running on in his life. His life is passing within a turbulent time, and he and his mom have to live apart. 

He received two buddies named Jack and Boggy, who maintained his choice to become a footballer. Season 5 of the series finished with several scenes and was pleasant. It concludes with Kingsmount getting the award. Foxborough Academy further advances and tries to kill Jamie. 


Fans are keeping their hopes extremely high. Now we are additionally desirous to understand the plot of the 6th season and to what degree it will inspire us. For that presently, we have to visit for official notices. 

We will then renew the moments of the previous five seasons previously available and tell us what you examine in the comment part. We are continuing to come again with extraordinary stories. Stay tuned with us.

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