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Jaden Smith: Shocking News Break! This News About Him And His Sister Willow Smith Might Break Your Heart!

Jaden Smith, the son of famous Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, has revealed about his sexuality. However, he has started dating a 29-year-old guy.

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If you think this is recent, then it’s not! They have been dating for two years now. Until now, the news about Jaden Smith sexuality and relationship is quite famous.

The rumours floating in the air vanished when the 22 years old rapper reconfirmed about his relationship with Tyler The Creator. This happened in March 2020 during the Golden Globe Awards.

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This news of him being a gay and dating a guy broke Will’s heart. However, just for the sake of his son’s happiness, Will accepted the couple.

Willow Smith: Another Shock

Will Smith and Jada share another kid. She is none other than Willow Smith. Likewise Jaden, Willow shares some weird fantasies as well.

Although right now, Willow is in a relationship with a guy, but a statement would blow up your mind.

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She had claimed that she has several sexual fantasies. According to her, she would not mind dating a girl as well. However, the young rapper showed her interest in threesomes as well.

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This news broke in June 2019, when the young Smith stated, “I love men and women equally”. She being a bi-sexual was revealed then.

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