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Is Tylenol Safe For You? What Are It’s Side Effects? Acetaminophen Is A Great Risk For Human! Read More

Tylenol is generally used for headache. But the study suggests that it can do much more than a mere painkiller.

According to the recent study, Acetaminophen increases more risk in an individual, then an individual not consuming it.

Side Effects

Ohio State University, with its researchers, underwent many experiments on this particular drug. And it says that this drug affects the decision-making ability of an individual.

Source Way

Although it’s overconsumption can affect the liver, but its side effects are many.

It positively affects the thought process of the individuals consuming it. The students who were given 1000 mg of acetaminophen portrayed scary thoughts.

Common Thought Process

Their common thoughts were, “bungee jumping off a tall bridge”, “skydiving classes as less risky”, “speaking your mind about an unpopular issue in a meeting at work”, “walking home alone at night in a high-crime area” were common.

Source CCD

The people consuming Acetaminophen feared less than the other people. It creates less negative emotions in the people regarding risky activities.

According to a University release, around 25% of the US population have stronger perceptions regarding an issue. However, taking risks can be problematic for society at large.

Taking acetaminophen during this pandemic can be more severe and dangerous according to Way.

Furthermore, it states, “Perhaps someone with mild COVID-19 symptoms may not think it is as risky to their house and meet with people if theyโ€™re taking acetaminophen”.

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